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Art Show

The SoonerCon Art Show is one of the largest fantasy/scifi themed art shows in the Southwest. With hundreds of pieces entered yearly, the art show is one of SoonerCon's gems each year, and the art auction offers fans a great opportunity to take home a one of a kind piece of work.

The SoonerCon 24 Art Show will notifying those with accepted requests for space around March 8, 2015.

The SoonerCon 24 Art Show is accepting requests for space. Panels, tables, and print shop space are not reserved until request for space is processed and payment is received. Requests are prioritized on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact the Art Show Director at [email protected] to request space or ask questions. All artwork entered is subject to review prior to entry.

About the Nucleon Award

The Nucleon Award was established in 2009 as way for the fans to select their favorite artists from the SoonerCon Art Show. There are two categories: the Fan Favorite and the Artist Favorite.

SoonerCon 23 Nucleon Award Recipients (2014)

1st Place Fan Favorite: Vincent Villafranca
2nd Place Fan Favorite: Jes Cole
3rd Place Fan Favorite: Sky Pirate
1st Place Artist Favorite: Vincent Villafranca
2nd Place Artist Favorite: Vincent Villafranca
3rd Place Artist Favorite: Theresa Mather

Click here for a full list Nucleon Award Recipients.

The artists that participated in the SoonerCon 23 Art Show were:
Julie Barrett, Alan F Beck, Peter Bradley, Marci Bull,Peri Charlifu,
David A Cherry, Kimber Chessmore, Tim Chessmore, Sarah Clemens,
Jes Cole, Hazel Conley, Josh Cook, Joshua Coughlin, Bryan Crump,
JD Epperson, Thomas Espinoza, Randy Farran, Jan S Gephardt,
Christy Grandjean, Dell Harris, Denise Hill, WJ Hodgson, Phillip Hollecker,
Kevin Hopkins, Tammy Jeanneret, John Kaufmann, Mike Kennedy,
Angela Lowry, Lubov Studio, Theresa Mather, Rachael Mayo, Joe Mueller,
David Lee Pancake, Sandra SanTara, Ann Shelby, Terry Southard,
Allison Stein, Alain Viesca, Vincent Villafranca, ET Wardwell, Tomi Welch,
Lynn Yates, Stacey Floyd, and Zach Raw.

Thank you to the fantastic artists who helped the SoonerCon 23 Art Show become the best one yet.

Komodo Media, Rogie King / CC BY-SA 3.0