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Masquerade Information

The Masquerade competition at SoonerCon 23 will be held Saturday, June 28th. Prizes will be awarded in multiple categories, and for "Best of Show".

The Masquerade will be divided into two sections:
Exhibition - This section will be non competitive. This will be a opportunity for people to take to the stage without the pressure of competition. Hall Costumes are encouraged to participate. There will be limited performance.
Contest - This will be the competitive section. Participants will be judged by a panel of judges. This is a costume contest not a performance contest. Participants will be judged on costume design and construction and overall appearance.

All participants must adhere to Masquerade rules.

Grand Prize!

Thanks to a generous sponsorship from Bernina of Oklahoma City, SoonerCon is proud to announce that the grand prize for the SoonerCon 23 "Best of Show" will be a Bernina 215! Additionally, winners in the various competition categories will receive awards.

Category and rule information follows.

Masquerade Competition Categories

This category is for things of the dark.

Light: (Historical/Steam Punk)
This category is for things that have been seen in the light of day. It's for those who like hoops, corsets and dressing up in clothes from other "past" times. This includes "pure" historical costumes as well as steam punk.

This category will be the place for media, comic book, anime, literary (et al.) costumes.

If you are into Zombies, Furries, Fairies and other creatures of imagination, mythology and lore then this is the place for you.

What the .......
The name says it all. Costumes that have no defined place have a place here. This is awarded by the Costume Chair as personal favorite.

Children age 12 and under are encouraged to become excited about costuming and
active in the convention community. This category is a wonderful opportunity for
them to develop a stage presence while showing off their favorite costume.

Hall Costumes

In the parlance of science fiction conventions, there are two kinds of costumes - those worn for competition, and those worn around the convention for the fun of it.  The latter are called collectively, "Hall Costumes".

Please keep common sense operating when wearing your Hall Costume. Hall
Costumes must conform to Convention policies. An escort is recommended if the
costume impedes vision and mobility. If carrying a weapon please be sure to read all weapons policies.

Hall Costumes are invited to show off during the Exhibition part of the Masquerade. We ask people who plan to attend to sign up during the pre-show meeting.

Have fun!

Masquerade Rules

Chair note:

When I reached the level of a professional costumer myself I made the decision to
not to enter smaller contests and concentrate my local efforts on building a regional
interest in doing costume. My goal has always been a "costumers' contest".

I am so pleased that the SoonerCon Masquerade is getting larger and attracting a
higher calibre of costumes. Thus, there is now a need to address the issue of
"professional vs. amateur". We will now require that the person who did the bulk of
the building/design be named (and preferably present). We will ascertain whether the builder/designer is a professional or amateur.

The rules are standards found at other Conventions. The purpose of these rules is so everybody can have a safe and enjoyable Masquerade experience.

1). All participants must be Attending Members of SoonerCon. Participants must attend pre-show meeting unless excused by the Costume Chair. At this time you will be asked to fill out an information form that will give the Judges details/information about your costume. Any audio/visual needs will also need to be addressed at this time. Onstage time will be determined by capacity and number of participants. This is the time to work out any problems, questions and concerns.

2). Your costume must be finished before you get to the Staging Area. No sewing, gluing, soldering. or other construction work except for final assembly of large costumes and props or unexpected repairs.

3).Children under 12 must be with and under the control of a responsible adult at all times. This is strictly enforced.

4). Costumes with electric power requirements need to be self-contained, as there will be no access to outlets.

5). Nudity: No costume is no costume. The Judges will not give awards for what God has made. While our feeling is that if you are comfortable with your skin, we should be too, that the City of Midwest City is not so understanding.  Please remember that children, mundanes and members of the media may be present.

6).Do not leave anything on stage that a Stage Minion cannot pick up quickly. If you plan to leave anything on stage, even if it is only a handful of glitter, please let us know so we can clear the stage before the next costume enters. If you will be using large props, you need to bring your own people to aid in getting them on and off. We will need this information at the pre-show meeting.

7). No fire, explosives, loud noises, untidy messes, or dangerous weapons or devices without full, proper and prior clearance from the Costume Chair.

All weapons must be inspected by a member of the costume staff. All local laws, codes and regulations will be enforced. If the weapon is to be part of the presentation, it must be cleared by the Costume Chair personally. At no time will any weapon be used to threaten another, even in jest. Participants found in violation of this policy will be immediately removed from the contest. This is not negotiable.

Bjo's Trimble's Corollary: You may surprise the audience, but do not surprise the committee, ever.

Bjo's Second Corollary: Don't ever underestimate the power of a fire marshal

8). Reference material is encouraged for fair judgment. We are not always able to look up reference images, so it is best to show up prepared for the contest.

9).The Costume Chair has the authority to eliminate anyone from the competition on the grounds of taste, behavior, danger, rules violations, or any other reason which she feels to be sufficient.

9). Signature Requirement: Each entrant in the contest will be required to give their signature on their entry form to verify that they have read the rules and will adhere to them on pain of expulsion from the contest.

Relax and remember this is supposed to be FUN. Treat others with respect and courtesy. Remember to laugh.

Komodo Media, Rogie King / CC BY-SA 3.0