• Elizabeth Moon
  • Lubov
  • Rachel Caine
  • Selina Rosen
  • Peter Pixie

SoonerCon 22 Information Day!

Have you wanted to be involved in SoonerCon, and haven't known how? Are you curious what opportunities exist during the convention weekend to "peek behind the scenes"? Or are you just curious about SoonerCon itself, and are wondering what's on the plate for SoonerCon 22?

Then come out to our SoonerCon 22 Information Day! Get convention updates from the convention chairs, information from the various departments, and see what we have planned for this summer.

We'll be in the meeting room in Northwest Library (Oklahoma City's newest and greenest library) from 2-4 on February 2nd. Presentations will be made from each department, and there will be information stations around the room to provide more details on opportunities for you to be involved. Light refreshments will also be provided. It's free to attend, and we invite all curious and interested folks to join us!

Northwest Library
5600 NW 122nd, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Komodo Media, Rogie King / CC BY-SA 3.0